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Trelleborg d. 20 Jan 2018

Vi mødtes alle sammen kl. 16:30 ved 7/11 på Slagelse Station og vi kørte derefter i samlet flok ud til Trelleborg.
Vi blev 8 mennesker denne aften, det var overskyet men uden nogen særlig vind, da vi ankom til Trelleborg, satte vi os lige i midten af rund cirklen og vi satte StarGazer lige i midten af os alle, denne gang valgte vi at tage alle “glassene” af StarGazer så den kunne filme noget der var værd at kigge på, fik også startet diktafonen så vi måske kunne få noget lyd på filmene.

Vi startede ud med at Linda gik sin sædvanlige runde med noget røgelse til os alle sammen, så lavede vi en simpel mantra som Linda Guidede “Aijm-Na-Ma” Linda gik derefter endnu en runde, denne gang med rosmarin olie som vi alle lige duftede til, derefter afspillede vi meditationen som Karsten har indtalt “CTS på Engelsk”
Efter meditationen observerede vi himlen og vores omgivelse for evt. tegn på at der var nogen der opfangede vores signal, det var der desværre ikke umiddelbart, En af deltagerne mente dog at kunne observere nogle væsner / orbs fare frem og tilbage på toppen af ringmuren rundt os, 2 af deltagerne, samt Søren og Linda mente at have følt et fartøj passere over os i starten af CTS meditationen. 2 af deltagerne mente at de kunne mærke der var nogen der observerede os på afstand, men at de ikke lige ville komme tættere på. En del af deltagerne kunne mærke en KRAFTIG energi på stedet, nærmest som en tyk suppe.
Jeg Karsten tog en masse billeder for at se om der måske var nogen Orbs som kom på dem og må da sige at der er Orbs på en del af billederne.
Vi afsluttede Trelleborg turen med en kort meditation hvor vi stod i en rundkreds rundt StarGazer og blev groundet, derefter pakkede vi sammen og gik tilbage til indgangen til Trelleborg hvor vores biler stod, på Turen der over kom vi igennem et meget varmt område og jeg tog flere billeder under vejs for at se om der var Orbs på vejen.
Efter det hele samledes vi på stop 39 og sludrede lidt frem og tilbage om alt og ingenting.
Filmene fra StarGazer:

Billeder fra turen:
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  1. The car ride with the other group members was a lot of fun and a great chance to spend some more time with each other (and save money!) 😀

    We arrived in Slagelse and briefly met up with the others before heading to Trelleborg. Even though it was only the second time we came here it already felt familiar. Since it was not very windy we set up our circle in the center of the Ring Fort and got comfortable after doing some warm up exercises since it was still pretty cold. The whole drive and walk to the location already feels like it is the first necessary step for the mediation since we all come here with a purpose and common intention, so I believe this already sets processes in motion.

    During the meditation I felt like I did not have to look very far out into the Galaxy to find someone that is listening, I felt like our solar system was far enough. I felt a presence that was watching over us, but not as close as the last time we met here, when I felt like someone asked to touch my shoulder. Maybe it was not a physical closeness but an emotional one. I really hoped to witness something this night since I missed the UFO the last time. But when I asked for someone to appear or give us a physical sign my thoughts immediately told me “Why do you need to see us, when you already know we are here?”. Me and somebody else felt like something big had passed over us at a certain point of the meditation which I later realised could have been a craft that I had seen in a previous “Big Flower” meditation, only that it was not visible to the physical eye.

    It was overcast when we started the meditation but as we finished there were some holes in the clouds above us, which you often hear about CE5 events. As we were observing the sky and the surrounding I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me when I saw a light blinking near a Wall for one moment. It was inside the Mound and about 1m high and thin. As we approached the location I could see “pixels” flashing in a similar manner in different spots on the wall. One friend also saw these, while two other members did not see them. This was the first time that I observed something like this and did not believe it was just an artifact in my vision since it happened several times in the same area and did not happen in other areas.

    All in all I was very happy with this event, Trelleborg is a powerful place so it is also relevant for non-ce5 related research and even though that might make it hard to distinguish ET activity from others I believe it boosts our performance either way. I hope we can continue our meetings here and slowly (or quickly!) make more and more contact 🙂

  2. By Linda Løwebeck – psychic medium.

    There was hopes of seeing an interdimensional spacecraft at Trelleborg as we did in november, but this time, various consciousness came close to study us….

    We sat in the middle, on the inside of the circular Ring fort. After doing energy alignment with the group members and listening to Karstens contact meditation, we were looking up and hoping they would show up again. At some point, a thick soup of energy were with us. The energy felt safe and intense.

    Then in the eastern direction, on the left side of the eastern exit / entrance to the Ring fort, coloured flickers of light appeard. It could also be described as pixels or small orbs each in diffent colours of green, orange, red and white on the inside of the wall of the Ring fort, in an area of a few meters wide. I saw about 15 of them. Two of us saw these flickers of light, and four of us walked towards the wall to inspect the fenomenon close up. With my physical eyes closed, I saw with my third eye a see-through humanoid siluette sitting on the wall observing us. The energy felt more like a curious deceased human than an ET. With more human-like emotions rather than the uplifted excited loving energy of ET’s. The flickers of light did not have organic origin of insects as I inspected the grass on the wall. Also, the lights were in motion in the air. Not specifically on the wall, but floating in front of it.
    Nature beings, known as elementals, also seems to exist in Trelleborg as their energy was present. It feels like a simple but very conscious and vital energy that’s deeply connected to, and a natural part of nature. Nature with minerals, plants and water is their habitat.
    Another group participant saw some spirits move rapidly in different directions inside the Ring fort.

    We managed to snap a lot of photos in directions of felt presence / activity and many orbs where caught on camera.
    I feel thankful towards these spirit beings for joining our gathering. Hope that next time we will see the spacecraft again and get it on the recording camera StarGazer.

    My conclusion:
    There is a lot of various paranormal activity in the Trelleborg Ring fort, Slagelse, Denmark. It is an old viking settlement and around 1200 years old. There has been settlements the area for much longer, but its known for the Ring fort. There are five known Viking Ring forts in Denmark.

    Though it is very exciting to have other benevolent spirits to show up, we are there to connect with ET’s and UFO’s.

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